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How to Overcome 3 Common Business Fears

business fears

Being a self-employed designer and maker comes with a long list of unparalleled perks. What could be better than spearheading your own interior design brand? For starters, you get to set your own hours, make your own creative decisions, and be your own boss. But entrepreneurship – no matter the industry – is not for […]

Cheap and Eco-Friendly Packaging Ideas

One great thing about running your own business is you can do whatever you want with it. You can base your business on things you believe in. Most business owners who want to be eco-friendly will avoid using regular plastic tape, paper that is dyed or glossy, as well as styrofoam, like packing peanuts, in […]

Creating & Achieving Your Holiday Goals

holiday goals

It’s only October – but stores nationwide are already preparing for the holidays. It may seem a bit too early… But as a self-employed designer and maker, it’s never too early to set your holiday goals. In fact, entrepreneurs in the design industry have much to look forward to with the holidays. What’s there to […]

5 Ways to Find & Channel Your Competitive Advantage

competitive advantage

Have you ever wondered what makes a business thrive? Of course, quality products and services form the foundation of any successful business. But there’s almost always something unique that gives a business an edge. Some restaurants succeed solely because of their location. Some companies make it big because they invented something that no one had […]

What to Do If You Notice a Dip in Sales

drop in sales

4 Things to Do When You Notice a Drop in Sales Businesses fluctuate all the time. Sometimes of the year are busier than others. And even the most successful and profitable businesses to go through slow spells. But sometimes a drop in sales can indicate that something has gone amiss with your business. How do […]

Time Management Tips: Spend Less Time on Daily Tasks

time management

Time management is so important! How much time do you spend answers emails, posting on social media, and managing other tedious tasks? How often do those mundane, administrative tasks take away from time that could be spent growing your business or making your art? How many of those routine tasks could actually be done by […]

How to Overcome Creative Burnout & Find Your Groove Again

creative burnout

Creative burnout happens to even the most successful and innovative of designers. There are a lot of varying factors that lead to artists feeling void of inspiration. Whether the reasons are personal or job-related… you may be feeling the burnout, too. Are you wondering how to overcome creative burnout and find your groove again? If […]

5 Signs You’re Ready to Quit Your Job & Become Your Own Boss

quit your job

Did you know that the majority of Americans feel unsatisfied at work? In fact, a 2014 report shows that over 52% of Americans were unhappy with their jobs. Overall job satisfaction has been on the decline. If you’re looking to quit your job, you’re not alone. The prospect of being your own boss is one […]

How to Create New Product Ideas That Are Fresh and Awesome

create new product ideas

The process of creating new products is truly one that ebbs and flows. At times you may find your mind brimming to the top with brilliant ideas for products. And at other times, you may find yourself at a loss on what to create. As an independent designer, are you coming up with new ideas and […]

The Quick Guide to Taxes for Makers

the quick guide to taxes for makers

The Quick and Dirty Guide to Taxes for Makers The quick guide to taxes for makers will tell you everything you need to know. When makers start their own businesses, they get to benefit from being their own bosses. They get to set their own schedules. They get to be creative while they create their […]