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Time Management for Your Startup Business

Time management is one of the most essential points of your startup business. It’s very easy to get distracted by tasks like emails and phone calls but making sure everything is running smoothly is crucial. Stephen R. Covey, businessman, educator, author, and keynote speaker said, “The key is in not spending time, but in investing […]

You’ve Been Copied, Now What?

When Someone Takes Your Design: How to Protect Your Art In the world of literature, experts theorize that there are only seven different types of stories and authors just keep recreating them with new characters and different settings. The uniqueness of storytelling comes in the style and content that authors put into their work. The […]

How to Eliminate Stress and Build Productivity: Six Helpful Tips

How to eliminate stress and build productivity: Six helpful tips Small business owners and makers often find themselves overwhelmed by the challenges of getting work done. Whether they are busy making art or taking care of business tasks, all of these tasks take time and they can be stressful, too. Since makers often work alone, […]

Common Photography Mistakes

Bad quality product photography can have a bad impact on your online sales. This could be something as simple as a blurry picture or a picture that has overexposure. Keep reading to find common photography mistakes that new businesses make. Mistake Number 1:  You’re using low lighting When you use low light your camera will […]

Tips for Tracking Your Business Expenses

In every business, it’s important to know your financial health. Knowing this information will help you make the best decisions for your business. It will also help avoid some financial problems. It doesn’t matter what method you use to keep track, just as long as you know how much money you are taking in and […]

Keep Your Cool During Busy Times

The holidays are approaching which means that your maker shop could get very busy, very soon. The holidays are exciting for Artisan Born makers who appreciate the increase in sales. But the holidays can also create stress for makers, too. Fortunately, other makers have been in this position, so you get to benefit from their […]

Budgeting For Your Handmade Products Business

It’s important to start budgeting for your handmade products business because it gives you a good baseline so you know where to start. Having a budget will help you figure many things like, how much money you have at that time, how much you will need to spend, and lastly, how much you need to […]