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Creative & Fun Packaging Ideas for Your Home Design Products

packaging ideas

The purpose and importance of packaging are obvious. It ensures safe delivery free of damage, as well as happy customers. But so often people overlook the true power of innovative packaging ideas. After all, the packaging is the first thing that customers see before the product itself. And it can leave a lasting impression in […]

Using Discounts Effectively

using discounts effectively

Pricing your handcrafted creations online can be a delicate balancing act. You don’t want to undervalue your work. You also want to give customers an occasional incentive to buy your products. Sales or discounts, when used wisely, can help move products and develop a loyal customer base! Keep reading using discounts effectively to discover how […]

Build a Perfect Customer Profile to Grow Business with a Working Marketing Plan

marketing plan

How to Design the Perfect Maker Business Customer Profile Makers and crafters do not go into business so they can spend a bunch of time collecting data on customers. They become makers and crafters because they love making art. To sell products, makers do need to have a profile of the perfect potential customer. This […]

Creating an Effective Marketing Strategy for Your Online Shop

creating an effective marketing strategy for your online shop

Long gone are the days when an artisan would earn an often-precarious living by depending on customers coming in through the door of their brick-and-mortar shop, or strolling down the aisle of a bustling crafts fair. Today, creators of all sorts have taken to internet marketing to develop a far-flung customer base. However, succeeding on […]

How to Market Your Business on Instagram Stories

how to market your business on Instagram stories

With social media increasing getting popular as the years pass it’s a great idea to consider utilizing social media for your business. You can use Instagram Stories and Snapchat to interact and communicate with customers and/or potential customers. Using Instagram Stories is a simple process, all you do is make and post videos and/or pictures […]

How to Work with Influencers to Market Your Brand

Working with influencers can capture the attention of a new audience because have a large and active following. There are different types of collaborations you can take advantage of to grow your brand. Below, we’ll cover how to work with influencers to market your brand. Types of Collaborations: Social Media Takeovers: Invite an influencer to […]

How to Build Your Following

Social media will help you significantly grow your audience.  It allows you to engage and advertise your products. The bigger following you have the more likely your online opportunities will grow. In turn, the more opportunities you have the more your following will grow, it’s a chain reaction. If you want to find out how […]