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4 Ways to Increase Sales with SEO

  • by Alian Software Collaborator
4 Ways to Increase Sales with SEO
Long gone are the days of newspaper ads and Yellow Page listings. In the day and age of the Internet, websites and social media reign. And throughout the evolution of the Internet, search engine optimization has truly come out of the woodwork... Search engine optimization is a process that entails several marketing practices... all with one common goal in mind: To generate more traffic to a website. The possibilities are endless with SEO - beyond higher traffic numbers. Improved credibility and better brand awareness. Outranking the competition on search engines. It's even possible to increase sales with SEO! But can companies and entrepreneurs in the home design industry reap these benefits? The answer is yes! Are you a designer, a maker, or a creative mind with an eye for making everything beautiful? Do you want to increase sales and generate more traffic to your company? If so, here are 5 ways to increase sales with SEO!

1. Provide the Best Online Experience for Your Audience

As a designer and maker, you know the importance of presentation all too well. You uphold a certain set of standards with your products and services. Standards should be no different when it comes to your website... and there's actually a very good reason why... Have you ever come across a website that was chock-full with spelling errors? Did it have an outdated design that wasn’t easy on the eyes? The longer people stay on a website, the better the site will rank. Websites that are pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate rank best. With all that said, you'll want to prioritize the design of your website. You'll want to make sure that the look of your website is not only aligned with your brand. It should also be legible, unique, and optimized for both PC and mobile devices.

2. Be a Content Creating Machine

A website with a strong aesthetic that operates smoothly is the first order of business. Once you've created this foundation, you'll want to fill it with loads of content! What do all websites with high domain authorities have in common? They all contain troves of information and pages upon pages of content. Your craft can certainly speak for itself. But to increase sales with SEO, there's a level of expertise you have to demonstrate online. The more involved you appear in the home design industry, the more credible you'll seem. Someone who constantly produces fresh and interesting content will always stand out. Each time you produce new content, your viewers have something to look forward to. Doing so will not only lead to higher traffic numbers. It'll generate more interest in your brand, products, and services.

3. Optimize Your Content with Keywords

How do search engines pull up websites whenever you search for a particular word or phrase? This question embodies the nature of SEO... and it all has to do with those words and phrases we like to call keywords. Search engines work because of algorithms. And search engines design these algorithms to create the best user experiences. Their end goal is to provide Internet browsers with the information they seek. These algorithms decide which websites are most relevant based on keyword usage. With that said, it's crucial that you optimize your content with home design keywords. This pertains to your web page content, your blog content, as well as your social media and online store. Keywords will ultimately help connect you with your target audience. As a result, you can turn these customer interactions into actual sales.

4. Build Your Rapport with Links & Cross-Promoting

Backlinks are another important factor when it comes to calculating a website's quality. Search engines value websites that other sites link to. So, how do you go about securing backlinks? You could see about having a feature as a guest blogger on high authority websites in the industry. Guest blog posts guarantee a link to your website. And on a site with a high authority, you can convert their traffic to your site. Reach out to home design influencers with strong followings. Inquire about how to get featured as a guest blogger. You can also reach out to other companies in the industry about cross-promotions. You could run a social media project with a fellow designer. Then cross-promote by featuring links to each other's websites.

Are You Looking to Increase Sales with SEO?

Search engine optimization is a huge force in the age of digital marketing. With these 4 ways to increase sales with SEO, you'll be well on your way to home design greatness. Better traffic. Higher sales. Not to mention, a stronger and more developed brand. But it takes time to learn about web development and how to optimize and curate the best content. And as an entrepreneur, you may not have the time to strategize your marketing campaign. Let Artisan Born help you optimize and market your website and online store! To learn more, check out the Artisan Born Pro Plan!


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