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Console Tables

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                      Artisan Born Console Table Guide

                      Discover the exceptional craftsmanship and unique designs of Artisan Born's console tables. We design and build every table to meet your aesthetic and functional needs.

                      Custom Made Console Table

                      Artisan Born offers fully customizable console tables, allowing you to select the type of wood, finish, dimensions, and leg styles. Each piece is handcrafted to your specifications, ensuring it perfectly complements your space. Lighter sections as shown in the photos are examples and are natural characteristics of Wood called "Sap", this can be lighter or darker depending on the wood. Each piece is unique and varies from piece to piece.

                      A Better Wood Console Table

                      All of us know the growth of mass market furniture. But you can buy better than living room furniture that gets thrown away in just a few years. Artisan Born furniture is built to last and so attractive you'll want to keep it forever.

                      Let's show you America's three most popular wood species for furniture.

                      Go Bold with a Beautiful Dark Walnut Console Table

                      Choose a dark walnut console table for its rich, warm tones and striking grain patterns. Each table is made from premium black walnut, offering durability and a luxurious finish that stands out in any room.

                      Browse our collection to find your perfect Solid Walnut Console Table.

                      Choose the Classic Style of an Oak Console Table

                      Opt for the timeless elegance of oak. Known for its strength and classic look, oak console tables blend seamlessly with various decor styles while providing a sturdy surface for your needs.

                      Shop here to choose a gorgeous Solid Oak Console Table.

                      Enjoy the Unique Grain of a Maple Console Table

                      Maple console tables showcase a light, contemporary appearance with intricate grain patterns. The smooth texture and durability make it an ideal choice for a modern aesthetic.

                      Find your beautiful furniture on our Maple Console Table collection.

                      The Narrow Console Table: Perfect Size in a Small Package

                      Whether you have a compact space or just want to maximize your existing room, a narrow table from Artisan Born offers an ideal solution. These tables blend form and function, providing the perfect balance between style and practicality without taking up too much space.

                      Enjoy a Gorgeous Sofa Table in Your Living Room

                      A narrow table fits perfectly behind sofas, providing a stylish surface for decor and everyday items. Its slim design maximizes space without sacrificing functionality. Additionally, it creates a natural division in open-plan living areas, helping to define and enhance your space. With various finishes and styles available, it can easily complement your existing decor.

                      Welcome Yourself Home with an Entryway Table

                      Create an inviting entryway with a skinny table. Perfect for keys, mail, and decorative items, it adds charm and organization to your home's entrance. This functional piece not only keeps your essentials within reach but also makes a great first impression on guests. Its compact size ensures it fits seamlessly into smaller hallways without obstructing the flow of traffic.

                      Simplify Life with a Console Table with Drawers

                      Combine style and practicality with a table featuring drawers. Ideal for storing essentials, it keeps your space neat and clutter-free. The drawers provide a discreet storage solution for items like remotes, notepads, and other small accessories, maintaining a tidy appearance. This type of table is perfect for those who value both aesthetics and functionality, offering a beautiful piece that also meets daily organizational needs.

                      Style Options for Your Console Table

                      Artisan Born offers a variety of style options for your next table, ensuring you can find the perfect piece to match your home decor and functional needs.

                      Wall Mounted Console Table

                      Save floor space with a wall-mounted table. Its minimalist design and easy installation make it a perfect choice for modern homes. By floating above the floor, it creates an open, airy feel and offers convenient access for cleaning underneath. You can also add two legs for more strength and durability.

                      Find the perfect fit for your space with our Narrow Wall Mounted Console Table.

                      Waterfall Console Table

                      Experience seamless elegance with a waterfall design. The continuous lines and sleek design create a contemporary centerpiece. This design exudes modern sophistication and brings a touch of fluidity and grace to any room, making it an eye-catching addition.

                      Discover modern sophistication with our Modern Waterfall Cascade Console Table.

                      Mid Century Modern Console Table

                      Bring retro charm to your home with a mid-century modern table. Its clean lines and stylish flair complement both contemporary and vintage decor. The tapered legs and geometric shapes provide a nostalgic yet timeless appeal, enhancing the aesthetic of any living space.

                      Add more style with a Mid Century Modern Console Table.

                      Live Edge Console Table

                      Celebrate natural beauty with a live edge. The raw edges showcase the wood's unique character, making each piece one-of-a-kind. This table brings the outdoors in, adding a rustic yet refined touch to your decor while highlighting the organic textures of the wood.

                      Bring natural beauty into your home with our Live Edge Walnut Console Table.

                      Console Table with Storage

                      Combine style and utility with built-in storage. Perfect for keeping essentials within reach while maintaining a tidy appearance. These tables offer additional functionality, with shelves or drawers that help organize your space, making them ideal for busy households.

                      Explore the elegance of our Customizable Live Edge Console Table with Shelf.

                      Buy Better with Artisan Born Natural Wood Console Tables

                      Choosing Artisan Born for your furniture means investing in quality, sustainability, and exceptional craftsmanship. Here’s why our tables stand out:

                      American Grown and American Made

                      Artisan Born’s furniture is crafted in the USA using sustainably sourced American hardwoods. This commitment ensures high quality and supports local artisans. Each piece reflects the dedication to maintaining sustainable practices, reducing carbon footprint, and promoting eco-friendly manufacturing. The hardwoods used are harvested from the heart of the Ozarks, where the company ensures responsible forestry practices, including replanting for every tree harvested​.

                      Fast Build and Delivery Service

                      Benefit from quick turnaround times with Artisan Born’s efficient build and delivery service, ensuring your custom piece arrives promptly. Typically, orders are processed and built within 3-5 weeks, with shipping taking an additional 1-2 weeks depending on location​​. This streamlined process ensures that you receive your beautifully crafted furniture without lengthy delays, and the reliable delivery service guarantees that your table arrives in perfect condition, ready to enhance your home.

                      Every Table Made to Measure

                      Each console table is made to measure, providing a bespoke solution that fits your space and style perfectly. Artisan Born combines quality, craftsmanship, and customization to offer exceptional furniture that enhances your home. "Made to measure" at Artisan Born means that every piece is tailored to your exact specifications. You can choose the type of wood, the finish, dimensions, and even leg styles. This customization ensures that your furniture piece not only fits perfectly in your space but also matches your personal style and functional needs​.


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