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5 Jewelry Product Photography Mistakes

  • by Alian Software Collaborator
5 Jewelry Product Photography Mistakes
Product photography can be a challenge. However, Jewelry Product Photography can be especially challenging. Jewelry is small and reflective, this can make it difficult to shoot. These challenges can be beaten with some research and planning. Here are five jewelry product photography mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Distracting Backgrounds

When people shoot their products they want to use fun and exciting backgrounds. While I can’t blame them, you don't want to use fun and exciting backgrounds. Your best option is a neutral background, like plain white or light gray. These backgrounds keep the focus on what you’re selling. Black can also be used because it will make products stand out, but be careful some products will work well with a black background and some won’t work at all. You can use a lot of things to create your own white background. All you need is seamless white paper and a lightbox.

2. Too Many Props

Props are a great thing to use as long as those props are accenting the product. However, there are a lot of times where to many props are used and it takes the spotlight away from the product. Sometimes it is best to just use a mannequin this will show your customer what the product will look like in a real-life setting. You also may want to consider jewelry photography kits, they are relatively inexpensive. Remember, that your jewelry photography needs to be consistent and the main focus is on the product you're shooting.

3. Blurry Images

Most people like to shoot their products by holding their camera or phone. This is a bad idea because most likely you're going to get blurry images. To prevent this you can use a tripod. Using a tripod is the easiest and least expensive option to prevent this. Tripods will improve quality and consistency. When your phone or camera is steady you will be able to use the most optimal aperture and ISO settings.

4. Bad Focus

You don’t want to use low aperture shots. Using a low aperture will focus on only one part of the product, you don’t want that because you want your customers to see them as a whole. You want to use high aperture and full focus because this will give a sharp image so your customers can see everything.

5. Not Enough Images

Customers prefer to click through several images of a product they're considering buying. This is because usually when there are more images there are more angles and views of the product. Customers enjoy this because they will be able to see what they're buying. It doesn’t hurt to take several photos, you already have all of your equipment set up and your product staged so what’s the harm? The more images you have the more sales you will get. So take pictures of all different angles and views.

Bottom Line

There were five jewelry product photography mistakes and how to avoid them. Now that you know what to do and what not to do its time for you to go and shoot your products! Fix and avoid these product photography mistakes and you'll be able to create nice quality photos. If you need any more help check out our blog for more tips, ideas, and inspiration!


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