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How to Create New Product Ideas That Are Fresh and Awesome

  • by Alian Software Collaborator
How to Create New Product Ideas That Are Fresh and Awesome
The process of creating new products is truly one that ebbs and flows. At times you may find your mind brimming to the top with brilliant ideas for products. And at other times, you may find yourself at a loss on what to create. As an independent designer, are you coming up with new ideas and concepts? How often are you yielding tangible results with your ideas? Creative roadblocks happen to the best of us. If you're wondering how to create new product ideas that are fresh and awesome, this article is for you!

Let Others Inspire You

There are always new and wonderful products coming out. And there's nothing wrong with letting other people's work inspire your own. What is a product you've recently come across that you absolutely love? How could you personalize it and make it better? How can you recreate the concept into an entirely new one? The better question to ask yourself is how are you staying up to date in your industry. Are you actively following other designers and makers on social media? Do you listen to design-related podcasts and YouTube broadcasts? Are you constantly meeting up with and collaborating with fellow designers and makers? These are just some of the ways you can find inspiration... and there is certainly no limit to how you create new product ideas.

Create Products That Are Useful

As a creator, you'll find yourself wanting to make things that you simply want to make. And at times it's warranted to create products based on your personal taste. But profit is always the end goal of any product you create... and because of that, your products need to be useful and desirable to consumers. Is what you’re making something that customers are readily seeking out? And if it is, what types of materials drive the most profit? Or, is your product something that only appeals to a select few people? As you create, it helps to get feedback from outsiders. They'll be able to tell you their own thoughts on when they seek products like your own. It's tricky finding a balance in your creative process. At times you'll need to tame and limit your creativity so you can sell products. And then there will be times when you can capitalize on being your best and total creative self.

Enhance Your Brand

Remember to take into account when you create new product ideas they are your brand. The products you create not only need to be consistent with your brand. They also need to enhance it by making it stand out and resonate with your audience. Fashion designers do this all the time with their seasonal collections. The clothes they create may vary each season. They always embody qualities that trademark their brands. It's no different with interior design. You can create new products and designs that are out-of-the-box and different from what you normally create. Remember, there needs to be something in the final results that make it easy to identify your brand.

Create New Product Ideas That You Can Be Proud Of

Designers and makers struggle all the time with coming up with new and innovative ideas, and so often they'll devote time and energy into ideas that ultimately won't sell. By following the steps in how to create new product ideas that are fresh and awesome, you'll be able to create new product ideas that are fresh and awesome. And you'll feel proud knowing that you empowered your brand and made a lasting impression in the process. Feeling like you haven't been able to create with tenacity and confidence lately? Perhaps you're feeling the creative burnout. Check out our Instagram to find some inspiration!


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