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How to Market Your Online Shop to Locals Near You

  • by Alian Software Collaborator
How to Market Your Online Shop to Locals Near You
The push for buying from local makers is moving around the world. As the shop local movement continues to grow, so too does the push for online shopping. So, if you have your handmade items posted for sale on Artisan Born to get the attention of a global audience, how do you also get the attention of local shoppers? The global marketplace helps makers like you grow your business, but working with a global marketplace comes with some difficulties. The biggest challenge is shipping, especially if the items you sell on Artisan Born are large or oddly shaped. Shipping adds an element that can be troublesome for some makers, who are better skilled at making beautiful things than packing and shipping them. Selling to a local audience takes away the need for shipping. But, new challenges arise - especially the challenge of marketing to an audience that in an easy-to-use sales platform like Artisan Born.

Let shoppers know where you live

One way to market to a local audience is to include where you live on Artisan Born. You can share your town, but there is nothing wrong with mentioning your region, like the Florida Panhandle or the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. When shoppers who live near you see your location, they are likely to contact you to see how close you are. If you live in New York City, include that. You could even announce that your items are “Made in Chicago” or wherever you happen to be. You never know who might be interested in checking out your wares in your studio - where they will pay full price and you don’t have to worry about shipping.

Participate in local events

Get involved in local maker events and shows. When you show off your skills, people in your local area will notice. Local shoppers often follow their favorite makers from event to event and show to show. Give out business cards that include your Artisan Born information so they can find you that way, too. There is nothing wrong with creating incentives for local shoppers to invest in your products. You can use frequent shopper punch cards or local shopper discounts (since you do not have to pack and ship). You can also have special event shows at your studio to keep your local audience interested. Put yourself in your local shoppers’ shoes and become the local maker that you would want to know.

Find a local partner

Another great way to get your art in front of a local audience is to partner up with other local makers. Find someone with complimentary pieces. For example, if you make jewelry, partner with someone who makes jewelry boxes. When you work with other makers, you are able to share your customer bases and the costs of participating in local events and shows. What have you done to successfully market to people who like to shop locally near you? Stay tuned to our blog for more tips, ideas, and inspiration along the way!


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