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How to Overcome Creative Burnout & Find Your Groove Again

  • by Alian Software Collaborator
How to Overcome Creative Burnout & Find Your Groove Again
Creative burnout happens to even the most successful and innovative of designers. There are a lot of varying factors that lead to artists feeling void of inspiration. Whether the reasons are personal or job-related... you may be feeling the burnout, too. Are you wondering how to overcome creative burnout and find your groove again? If you're feeling like your creative energy is running on empty, here's what you can do to recharge it again!

Set Time Aside to Pursue Inspiration

Drowning in deadlines and a heavy workload can zap anyone's creative flow. And as a designer, you simply can't afford for that to happen. That's why it's so important to prioritize creative time. Set aside hours specifically for working. Then, designate time each day for getting your creative juices flowing. An hour in the morning with a cup of coffee and your sketchbook. Reading articles from an interior design blog. Meeting up to collaborate with another artist. Whatever it is that inspires you, make it a priority in your life.

Change Your Practices

You may feel like you always have to work harder. But as the saying goes, "Work smarter. Not harder." Having to play catch up when it comes to making a profit? Maybe you're not receiving the full compensation that you deserve for your hard work. Perhaps you're taking on too many projects at once and are afraid to tell clients "no". Or, maybe your work rhythm could use some fine-tuning. Start taking on the projects that you want to pursue. Don't take on work just to prove your abilities. Try working on a few projects at once. That way, you can always come back to a project feeling refreshed. Or, try getting up earlier in the morning and see if that improves your productivity. And if you feel like you deserve more money for your work, give yourself the opportunity to receive more!

Create Quality Ideas - and Toss Away the Weak Ones

Sometimes you have to get real with yourself when an idea is not worth pursuing. If you're not passionate about it, move on - and don't feel ashamed about it. You can always return to and rework an idea. Or, if the idea isn't worth pursuing at all, give yourself the time and space to create the ideas that are worth it. How can you distinguish a quality idea from a weak one? If you dread having to work on something, chances are the quality won't turn out as good as if you did enjoy working on it. Maybe a project is worth pursuing for your website, portfolio, or for an important client. Ask yourself what you'll get out of producing it and what value it'll have in store for you in the long run.

Take Time Off & Channel Other Creative Outlets

The root of creative burnout is so often exhaustion. And if you're not giving yourself enough time for self-care, this could be the source of your struggle. Take a day off when you feel mentally exhausted. Or, when the time is right, take a few days away to surround yourself in a new setting. It's the best way to recharge yourself. And what you do outside of work can also lead to dry spells in creativity. Perhaps you're drinking too much alcohol or caffeine and not nourishing yourself. Maybe you're staying awake too late at night on your phone or watching TV. It's important to find activities outside your work that channel your creativity. It can be as simple as going for a walk or doing yoga to taking a painting class or joining a book club.

Nip Creative Burnout in the Bud

Finding a balance between creating new things and getting your actual work done is an art in itself. Wondering how to overcome creative burnout and find your groove again? There's no better time than to start now. With these tips, you'll be able to rejuvenate your creative self anytime you start to feel burned out. Need help marketing so that you can focus on the creative parts of your business? Artisan Born can tailor the perfect plan for you.


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