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4 Tips for Improving Your Customer Service Skills

  • by Alian Software Collaborator
4 Tips for Improving Your Customer Service Skills
How do you know if you have good customer service skills? It may look like a friendly interaction between an employee and a buyer. It could take the form of an answering service or an employee asking a customer if they can be of any assistance. But what does good customer service look like when you're a designer and maker? And what does it look like when you primarily do business online? There are nuances when delivering excellent customer service in the interior design industry. But with the right approach, you can carry out exceptional customer service... no matter the situation! Read on to learn 5 must-know tips for improving your customer service skills. 1. The Little Things Go a Long Way You can never go wrong with double-checking... especially when you're in the business of handmade products and home decor. Because if you ship most of your products, you're going to want every detail complete to a T. Everything from the product itself to the receipt should have a double glance over. Make sure there are no markings, scratches, or loose threading. Check for spelling errors - especially when writing the client's name and address. The key is making each one of your clients feel special. Whether that means shipping off the products in creative packaging or rushing an order... let each of your customers know how much you value them.

2. Communication Is the Solution

Confusion about your hourly rate, a contract, or your return policy. A misunderstanding about the products or services they hired you to produce. These are common types of problems you’ll come across in the home design industry. But it's best to try and avoid them from the get-go… and the only way to do that is through good communication. When speaking to clients over the phone, repeat back any information they relay to you. Respond to any inquiries and concerns whether over the phone, email or on social media. Make announcements with plenty of time in advance if it will affect your customers. This goes for different business hours, upcoming sales, or when a product is not in stock. You should also make it a point to stay on top of your inventory. If you're low on a material, it's best to order it as soon as possible. And remember: Organization and good communication go hand-in-hand!

3. Every Customer Interaction Is an Opportunity to Learn

Of course, even a conscious effort on your part can't always ward off the challenging customer. What makes excellent customer service is how you rebound after a negative experience. Each time you have a bad customer experience, take some time to cool off. Then, when it's time to look back on the situation, ask yourself the following questions:
  • What was the customer upset about?
  • Was it an error on your part?
  • Did miscommunication cause the problem?
  • If miscommunication isn't the problem, what was?
  • Did your solution to the problem rectify the situation?
Last but not least, be honest with yourself about how you handled the situation. Own up to your mistakes, move on, and strive to do better next time. Each customer interaction is a chance to both better your business and your role as a leader!

4. Always Keep the Customer in Mind

Every experience from this moment going forward is a chance to deliver excellent customer service. Be honest with yourself and acknowledge when you may need to make changes in your business. Are you wondering how to create fresh and innovative product ideas? Is there a style or decor piece that everybody seems to be talking about? Whatever it may be, deliver results that your target customer base will love.

Build Your Reputation on Excellent Customer Service Skills

Exceptional customer service skills will harvest a successful, one-of-a-kind design business. You'll reap what you sow with these 4 must-know tips for delivering excellent customer service... and the results will be out-of-this-world. Let prospective customers know that you're in the business for them. With our Pro Plan, you'll lay the seeds for excellent service right from the beginning. Learn more about how to become an Artisan Born Pro Member today!


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