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5 Tips for Color Blocking and Interior Design

  • by Alian Software Collaborator
5 Tips for Color Blocking and Interior Design
You’ve seen it before: color blocking is the process of pairing a few solid hues to create a bold look. It’s a popular trend in interior decorating, but how do you make it work with your designs? There are many different approaches you can choose to make color blocking effective in your space. Ready to jump in? Here are our tips for color blocking and interior design.

Paint a Diagonal Line on Your Walls

Painting a diagonal line on a wall is a simple way to integrate color blocking into a room. The line can create visual interest in the different colors, without clashing. Some color combinations you can use are pink and purple, camel and cobalt, purple and orange, red and blue, and neon colors with a pattern. Don’t be afraid to get creative. There are many possibilities you can explore.

Use Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes go perfectly with color blocking! It can give a room a bold look as well as show off your creativity. It’s best to use 3 colors when using geometric shapes. You should aim to have two colors that are similar looking and one color that stands out against the other two. Some color combination examples are dark purple, light purple, and yellow. Dark blue, lavender, and orange. Lastly, light pink, peach, and orange is also a good combination with this type of design.

Keep Walls and Floors Plain and Use Bold Furniture Pieces

This is one of our favorite tips for color blocking. If you love furniture and you want your couch, chairs, and rugs to be the eye-catching part of the room the best option is to use bold furniture! Keeping the walls and floors plain will make bold colors to really stand out. You should keep walls and floors a beige or cream color and buy bright furniture to create contrast/

Use Bold Paintings

If you want to color block but also don’t want to commit to something like patterned wallpaper or painted geometric shapes, you can use bold paintings! Using bold paintings can add character to any room without all the work and commitment. You can choose bold paintings with bright colors, dramatic shapes, and dramatic scenes. There are paintings out there to fit every style and home.

Use Patterned Furniture

Just like bold paintings, using patterned furniture is less of a commitment and than paint or wallpaper. However, if you want to paint bold shapes or colors in a room and still want to use patterned furniture, you’re in luck. When you find the right print, patterned furniture can look amazing with bold colors! For example, you can pair a black and white furniture set with any bold color. You can pair patterned furniture with complementary wallpaper patterns.

Bottom Line

If you love creativity and want to add personality to a room color blocking is for you! Color blocking may seem complicated, but using these tips, you can make it as simple or complex as you'd like There are so many options to choose from. You can combine all these tips for color blocking or just use one or two that's the beauty of it. We hope these 5 tips give you some inspiration!



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