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The Best DIY Tiny House Plans - Step by Step Guide

  • by Alian Software Collaborator
The Best DIY Tiny House Plans - Step by Step Guide
Tiny house plans Bungalow tiny house plans

Why Go Tiny?

With the cost of living skyrocketing and the desire for simplifying life many have explored a new way to live. We have put together the best tiny house plans to help you build living spaces under 500 square feet. These creative builds come with all the necessities much like you would imagine life to be like in an RV. What if you didn’t have to worry about the huge mortgage payment and all the large monthly utility costs? Rising stress has created increasing health risks and a baseline of unhappy people. Many have started out on the journey make a significant change in the way they live their lives. Keep reading to find the best tips and tricks to build your very own tiny house.

Before the Build - Getting started

Designing your tiny build Soul Searching before the tiny build.
One of the first things to do is see if you are really ready to make the switch. What are your motivating factors?
  • I like to tackle large projects
  • I’m naturally a short person
  • Small tight spaces make me feel secure.
  • Eliminate stresses.
  • Change the way I live my life.
  • Thrill of the build
Whatever the reason may be, embrace the adventure that can come with a decision like this. Learn to live big in small spaces. Keep in mind it will not be easy to transition down to 500 square feet. Just moving from a two car garage home to a one car garage townhouse almost did us in. You quickly find out how much STUFF you have. Is it all necessary?

Connect with Local Communities

A great way to truly understand what it’s like to actually live in a small home is to connect with a local community of that are living this intentional lifestyle. Hear first hand stories of tiny house lives. See tips below from The Tiny Life
  • Meetup.com is a goldmine. If you’re in a major metropolitan area, chances are high that there is a tiny house enthusiasts meetup nearby.
  • If you can't find a local group, search for homesteading, gardening or prepping. Better yet start your own local group.
  • Tiny house events are popping up all over the country, and they’re a great way to meet cool folks. If you’re pretty convinced you’d like to live tiny, the Tiny House Conference is a great place to make friends and ask people your questions.

Design your Tiny Home - Free Floor Plans under 500 SQ Ft

Here are some of the best free floor plans to help you with creative ideas and designs. You might be surprised of the great design and esthetics that can come in small spaces. We have seen some of the best modern design from the tiny home communities.

Tiny House Plans On wheels

Live the happy life where ever you choose. Free Plan Learn from start to finish how to build tiny house on the right trailer thats mobile. House building experts show you how you can DIY and make your dream a reality.

112 Square foot Homesteader Cabin

Tiny House Plans With only 112 square feet, this is truly a tiny home. The home features a bathroom, kitchen, living room, and an elevated sleeping area. This rustic charmer comes with skylights and windows open up the space while cathedral ceilings heights make you feel like you’re in a loft. Living big in a tiny house. The whole interior is also made out of knotted wood, which adds a great rustic effect. Get Plans Great materials for rustic or modern builders alike. Natural wood slabs and lumber for bar tops, narrow tables or for natural accents found here.

Tiny house plans - Tudor Cottage

Always wanted that Tudor cottage but could not afford it? Have this beautiful set up for less than 25K with all you need. Electric bill is under $50 dollars a month!

The Best Modern Tiny House

Plans Here
Tiny House Plans Best Modern Tiny House
One large open space with a sleeping loft gives this clean modern tiny home a zen feeling. Many similar tiny house floor plans can be found when using shipping containers as a pre fabricated structure. A great option to add solar power to stay off the grid. More Free Tiny House Floor Plans

Best places to build or park your tiny house.

The next step is to find out the best places to travel or park. Wither your tiny house plans have your build on wheels or a stationary home your adventure is about to begin. For those of you on wheels check out this video of the most traveled tiny house. Where would your built tiny house end up?

Enjoy the Adventure

Tiny house living can be tremendously rewarding and full of new challenges especially for those of us taller than 6ft. We would love to hear your comment below about your adventures and builds. The community is full of great & creative people. If your not quite ready to jump in with both feet you can always rent a tiny house any where in the world. Already Tiny? Share your tiny build with us to be features on our Instagram Feed.


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