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How to Eliminate Stress and Build Productivity: Six Helpful Tips

  • by Alian Software Collaborator
How to Eliminate Stress and Build Productivity: Six Helpful Tips

How to eliminate stress and build productivity: Six helpful tips

Small business owners and makers often find themselves overwhelmed by the challenges of getting work done. Whether they are busy making art or taking care of business tasks, all of these tasks take time and they can be stressful, too. Since makers often work alone, all of the stress of taking and processing orders, making products, as well as packaging and shipping. Fortunately, there are several things that makers can do to become more productive in less time, and with less stress. Keep reading how to eliminate stress and build productivity: six helpful tips to find out how to eliminate stress and build productivity.

1. Hire an Assistant

Makers go into business because they truly love making their art. Once they start to make sales, they realize that there is more to making than meets the eye. There are administrative tasks. If you find that those administrative tasks like bookkeeping, paying taxes, packing and shipping, and social media posting are overwhelming, then it is time to hire an assistant.

2. Learn About Your Productive Time

Some makers can work at any time of the day or night, and others are only productive in at very specific times. Take stock of when you are productive and plan your time around that. If you find you do your best work in the evening, then arrange your day accordingly. Do not try to force yourself to make art when you are not at your best.

3. Get and Use a Planner

Once your art becomes a business, it is time to treat your time with respect. Many business owners and makers have found success using planners. There are planners with weekly pages, daily pages, and list-making pages. To best manage your time, try using a planner with hours listed for each day. It does take time to fill in planners, but it can be very satisfying to see everything in print and to cross out tasks as you complete them.

4. Go to Bed Each Night with a Plan for the Next Day

The stress of the next day often keeps people awake at night. If this sounds like you, then it is time to get ready for the next day prior to going to bed. Write down the tasks that you need to do tomorrow prior to going to sleep. By doing this, your worries will decrease. Write the tasks in your planner and make it a habit. Only write down a few tasks - two or three of them that must be completed.

5. Reward Yourself for Getting the Job Done

Procrastination will destroy productivity and will increase stress. Makers can procrastinators, especially if they feel like they need to be inspired to get to work. Instead of waiting for the perfect time, plan your time and reward yourself for getting work done during that time. Helpful rewards shouldn’t cost much and they shouldn’t be excessive. Give yourself social media time, TV time, or time for a great cup of tea or coffee. If the job is large, then you can reward yourself with something bigger.

6. Set a Time for Using Your Phone and Checking Emails

One of the biggest time suckers is the mobile phone. If your phone is interfering with your productivity, know you are not alone and know that there are solutions. If you use a planner, set aside time in it each day to check your phone - and only check it during the designated time. To accomplish this each day, put your phone in a place that is far from where you do your work so you are not tempted to check it, thus stopping your productivity. You can also make phone time a reward, too. How do you reduce stress in your life? How do you stay focused and productive? We welcome you to share your favorite tips and tricks.


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