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You've Been Copied, Now What?

  • by Alian Software Collaborator
You've Been Copied, Now What?

When Someone Takes Your Design: How to Protect Your Art

In the world of literature, experts theorize that there are only seven different types of stories and authors just keep recreating them with new characters and different settings. The uniqueness of storytelling comes in the style and content that authors put into their work. The same can be said about other art forms. When it comes to making art, there are only a few different mediums and artists use their style and content to differentiate their work. Sadly, some artists fail to create their own work and borrow from other makers. Keep reading you've been copied, now what to find out what to do if you've been copied.

Prevent with Proper Planning

When and if you discover that someone has copied your work, it is commonplace to be filled with several emotions. Makers who have been copied are often filled with anger and frustration after their hard work was stolen and sold to unsuspecting customers. No maker wants to have this experience, which is why it is important to have a plan to prevent your ideas from being stolen. But, if it does happen, it is also wise to have a plan to recover what is rightfully yours.

Learn About Intellectual Property Rights

The first thing that all makers and artists should do is learn your rights. There are different laws about intellectual property regarding creative processes like artistic designs, creative ideas, and inventions. These laws were created to help people get due recognition and revenue from their creations in a world where artistic ideas can bloom. The only problem with intellectual property laws is that they can be confusing. One of the best ways to protect your creative ideas is to register them with the appropriate government agencies, even though this is not a requirement for protection under intellectual property laws. If you do have questions about the laws and you cannot find the answers online, then you might want to speak with an attorney. It is helpful to learn not only about intellectual property including trademarks and copyrights, too. By learning about intellectual property laws, you can protect your work and go after people who have stolen it.

Speak to the Copier

Another way to protect yourself and your ideas is to actually speak to the person who has taken your work. This could be done with a simple email or a message on social media. If you do this, the only thing you can expect is to be surprised by the response. If you are concerned, you could ask an attorney to make contact.

Keep on Working

Some artists will ignore the copier with the understanding that if someone copies, then they most likely will not come up with unique ideas to keep their business going. It is better to focus on your business rather than chasing after someone who may or may not have used your idea intentionally. Instead, your energy is better focused on making your art and growing your business. If your artwork was copied, then your artwork is worth copying. While it isn’t right for someone to do this to you, it should not stop you from creating more.

Get Legal Aid if Necessary

If your artwork is continually copied, the best course of action is to obtain legal counsel. You need a restraining order to prevent that person from continuing to copy your work. If it gets serious and you can prove financial loss, then you might have to file a lawsuit. Legal advice can be expensive, but most communities do have affordable legal aid available.


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