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How to Take Product Photos with Your iPhone or Android

  • by Alian Software Collaborator
How to Take Product Photos with Your iPhone or Android
The pictures you take and post of your products say a lot. You want to make sure your product shots are great but don’t worry it is easy to take great shots. Below we have some low-budget product photography tips. Keep reading how to take product photos with your iphone or android to find out easy and simple ways to take product photos.

Use Your Phones Basic Camera Settings

A lot of phone cameras have automatic settings so you can get great product images instantly. The automatic settings can be accessed in your camera app. In that area, you can also find camera settings for specific needs. When shooting certain products you may need to use different settings to see what will work for you. You can find setting such as:
  • Macros– This is good to use if you want up close and detailed images.
  • DayTime – These settings automatically correct light and white balance when you're shooting outside.
  • NightTime – This uses a slower exposure so more light can be captured.

Use Phones Advanced Camera Settings

If the automatic settings on your phone don’t work for you, you can adjust things manually to find the best settings for you. Things you would be adjusting are the focus, white balance, and exposure control. Focus iPhone and Android phones have manual focus and autofocus. Manual focus settings are exactly what they sound like, you can adjust the setting on your own. With autofocus, you can tap the screen and it will automatically focus on an object. Also, with autofocus, you can choose where to have it focus by tapping where the object is on the screen. White Balance Automatic settings will adjust the white balance accordingly. In product photography, you want to be able to control the white balance. If you are able to control this it will save time in the end because you won’t have to color-correct the images. Exposure Settings Longer exposure times allow more light to be captured by the camera, smaller exposure allows less light to be captured by the camera. Exposure control is important because it lets you take the best images with the light you are using.

Popular Advanced Camera Apps for iPhone and Android Phone Cameras

If you're still not happy with your camera and its settings, you may want to consider using a camera app. Apps will give you better control. Below you will find an app for iPhone and an app for Android. iPhone App: Camera+ This app costs $2.99. This app has great automatic settings, it also is easy to manually adjust the focus, white balance, exposure. Camera+ makes it easy to take clear, nice, and color-corrected images. Android App: Camera FV-5 This app is free. This app has automatic settings and also, allows you to manually control the settings. You will be able to adjust the exposure. Camera FV-5 makes it easy to take clear and professional looking photos.

Bottom Line

You can spend little to no money and get great looking photos! have to spend a lot of money to create photos that showcase your products online. Great product images are proven to increase sales. Now that you know how to take product photos with your iphone or android, go get started! Do you have any preferred methods on shooting products? If you do share them in the comments! Also, be sure to check out our blog for more tips, ideas, and inspiration!


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