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How to Set Up a Shipping Station for Your Shop

  • by Alian Software Collaborator
How to Set Up a Shipping Station for Your Shop
Setting up a shipping station will save you money and time. When you work for yourself it's crucial that you decrease the amount of time you spend doing routine tasks. Making your shipping process efficient is an important step to expand your business. Doing this will help you deal with some stress during busy times. Below you will find tips on how to set up a shipping station for your shop.

Look at the Area You Have

Every shop is different. It could be a dining room table or an entire warehouse, depending on the size of your business. Before you start any other preparations you need to assess the area you have. After you have done that you can organize. Use bins and label them with labels that stand out. Go with labels with bright colors and patterns. Also, make sure to have everything an arm's length away, so that you can package things quickly. That will come in handy later. If you have the money and the space you may want to consider expanding and creating some shelving. Shelving will allow you to organize better and utilize all the space you have.

Collect Your Basic Supplies

Here's where you start collecting your supplies. You may have some of these supplies already in your house. It's important you get supplies dedicated for shipping. This will allow you to move quickly and will allow your business to be more efficient. Below you will find a list of common supplies you will need. Remember: that what you will need will vary on the products you sell. The list below contains the most common items.

Supply List for Your Shipping Station:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Packaging filler like packing peanuts
  • Labels for products
  • Boxes for shipping
  • Envelopes to ship art
  • Packing tape
  • Scissors
  • Box cutter knife
  • Printer for labels and orders
  • Packaging slips and printing labels
  • Writing utensils
  • Scale for weighing your products
  • Stickers that say fragile for fragile products

Bottom Line

It’s okay if you struggle or have struggled with shipping. Running a small business is all about learning, research, experience, and experimentation. The good news is that once you set up a shipping station for your shop, it gets easier. Follow these tips and you will be able to make your shipping process as quick as possible for your business.
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