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10 Top River Table Designs You Have to See?

  • by Alian Software Collaborator
10 Top River Table Designs You Have to See?
You haven’t seen anything until you have seen a River Table. These unbelievably bold and modern tables take the eye-catching live-edge slab tables and add a faux “river” made of a watery hue of epoxy. One of the best tools you can have when getting ready to build is a band saw, really helps when its time to shape your "River Table". Check out this review for the best band saw to discover the best one for you. If you love modern, minimalist, eclectic, transitional, Bohemian, or even industrial design, these tables could be just the piece of furniture you need to complete your look. Every single one of these tables is uniquely made by a master maker who knows how to bring out the best in natural wood. The artisan makers also know how to add the perfect colors in an epoxy to add an almost fantastical burst of color. These tables can be made with a pair of slabs, one large piece of wood, or with smaller pieces of wood. The beauty lies in the shocking, yet satisfying details of the wood paired with the soothing quality of the smooth water-colored epoxy resin. You can see inspirational images of river tables on Pinterest, so you can decide what style of table you like. Whether you like the slabs attached to bulky natural legs or you prefer something more subtle like thin metal legs. These are a few of our favorites: Using a river table as your coffee table is sure to start conversations. This table is so beautiful that it doesn’t need any do-dads and tchotchkes on it. This river-table-as-coffee-table has a more modern look, especially with the simple legs. Adding terrariums with succulents is a nice accent to the natural beauty of the table. This river table has a little pond on it. The live edges of the wood enhance the flow of the blue epoxy. True river table artists are able to emphasize the natural beauty of the wood. These smaller tables are another form of river table. Their name is the abyss tables. The wood is sculpted to show depth and the epoxy is poured to look like a topographic map. These tables would look amazing as the focal point in a room with a minimalist design. Place a river table against a wall highlighted with natural stone to get a zen feeling in a room. The edges of this river table still have their natural curves. With an off-center epoxy river, there is plenty of room for books or other accent pieces on this lovely table. The warmth of the river table wood fits with the greenish tint of the epoxy. This river table has a unique bird’s eye design that makes the blue epoxy stand out. With the finished edges and the sheen, eating on this modern table would make every meal a special occasion. A lot of river tables look like they came right from a drone shot of the Earth. The pairing of these two live edges and the opaque epoxy river looks like the creation of this table had the Black Canyon of the Colorado River in mind. River tables aren’t just for homes. Imagine having a board meeting at this table. The flow of the teal epoxy river and the rich grain of the wood would change the way meetings run.
Stunning River Table
This small table with its mid-century modern legs looks more like a lagoon table instead of a river table. The glorious blues of the epoxy are as artistic as the shape of the table.


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