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Would You Try These 5 Fall Decorating Ideas?

  • by Alian Software Collaborator
Would You Try These 5 Fall Decorating Ideas?
As the season's turn and autumn arrives, it’s time to put away the summery décor. It's time to turn your home into a haven from the cold and snow soon to arrive. There’s more to fall decorating than some pumpkins placed artistically on the sideboard. Make your personal spaces cozy with these fall decorating ideas

Revel in Textures

As the chill sets in outdoors, there’s nothing as welcoming as nubbly knits, rough-woven textiles, and furry throws or rugs. Wrap your home in the textured fabrics that will make your space warm and inviting. Also, use rustic wooden accents to continue the theme. A counterpoint of fresh greenery will lighten the look.

Mix Warm and Cool Tones

We tend to think of warm tones like orange and brown when we put together our fall decorating ideas. Those tones can be overwhelming without some contrasting cool tones. A deep blue, for instance, reflects the autumn skies that provide a backdrop for the glorious fall foliage, and can be equally effective inside your home!

Layer on the Rugs

While bare floorboards or tiles help to create a cool atmosphere in summer, autumn is the time to layer on rugs to warm up the space! How lovely to be able feel the softness of wool or cotton underneath your feet as you watch the leaves fall outside. Mix and match different styles, including vintage Persian carpets, modern shag rugs, and hand-woven dhurries for an eclectic look. johnlewis.com

Bring in the Outdoors!

The glorious colors of fall can be brought into your home for a seasonal touch of nature. Branches of brilliant fall leaves are a long-lasting accent for large vases, and the bright red twigs of dogwood add another vibrant touch. There are many small varieties of gourds and pumpkins available now at roadside stands and farmer’s markets that can be heaped into antique wooden bowls or lined up individually along a shelf or mantelpiece.

Light up the Dark

As the days grow shorter and the nights grow darker, it’s even more important to use light effectively inside, not just to illuminate your tasks, but to create a welcoming ambiance. The ultimate is, of course, a wood fire, whether in a fireplace or woodstove, but if you can’t manage that inside your home, there are many alternatives! A gas fireplace will fill the bill nicely, and also be much more convenient. Candles are an old favorite, and even strings of tiny lights can be strung in strategic spots for a welcome highlight. Looking for more fall decorating ideas to warm up your home as autumn sets in? Check out Artisan Born’s Instagram page! Stay up to date on our blog for more tips, ideas, and inspiration!


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