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Best 2019 Design Trends

  • by Alian Software Collaborator
Best 2019 Design Trends
Every year, different trends fall in and out of fashion. Creating the perfect interior or exterior look for your new living space creates your own signature. A mixture of popular designs and pastiche favorites that will display to any guest it is your space. Here are some of the best design trends of 2019 to give a go.

Zero Waste Means Wasteless Space

A common theme in these environmentally conscious days is the Zero Waste philosophy. This look consists of sustainable packaging. Refillable-yet-stylish bottles that adorn cupboards and even bookcases. Vases, rather than bulky ceramic pieces, are reduced to skeletal holders. This furthers the cause of one day living in a world with a minimum of trash.

The Returning Rise of Terazzo

Terazzo tile can create a beautiful interior. Its quartz, ceramic, marble and granite will glisten in the sunlight. The flooring can often be complemented with a sturdy, colored-glass partition, making it perfect for any bathroom.

Just Because It's Small Doesn't Negate Multi-Use

With the rise in popularity of Tiny Homes in small town America, the compact look is in. Particularly practical for those living in urban areas. The logistical, multifunctional design features allow for even the smallest apartments to not only retain a sense of style but also allow the dweller to relax in comfort.

Make Your Home Ecologically Sound

Combining designs related to healthy living and zero waste is borne an eco-friendly style. Modern homes have taken a natural, less rigid approach to design. Objects take on a much more naturalistic look. Like the mountains and caverns of the earth, they were placed not out of necessity but rather out of evolution. They are furthered along by lighting or accessories. These seemingly ancient pieces tend to favor rougher edges, more askew designs. It appears as though they belonged there. New technologies have allowed this years-in-the-works style more effortless, with design items taking on the shapes of nature.

Real Furniture Has Curves

Often seen in period pieces like Mad Men, curved furnishings have made a return. For years, the rigid-lined sofa has dominated the market. Now, one can relax in comfort, lazing across the soft velvet of a curved couch.
Any of these designs, from the overall themes to more specifics, might serve your living space well.
Plan on remodeling anytime soon but concerned about your budget? This might help you factor in expenses as you create your dream home. If you have any ideas of your own, be sure to leave a comment below.


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