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Your Interior Design Style Matches Your Fashion Sense

  • by Alian Software Collaborator
Your Interior Design Style Matches Your Fashion Sense
Mid-century modern. Victorian. Rococo. Art Deco. Minimalist. The list of interior design styles goes on and on. But how do you decide what is your best style? It’s actually very easy. The answer to this question rests inside of your closet and your dresser drawers. You wear your style every time you step outside of your home.

Analyze your closet to look for style trends

Take a look inside your closet. What is the dominant color? Do you wear patterns? How do your clothes fit? What is your favorite outfit? Why? It’s easy for interior designers to quickly assess your design aesthetic by looking at what you love to wear. If a client loves to wear clean lines from J. Crew, it is safe to say that the client is probably not going to go with fancy Victoria or an eclectic bohemian style. Clients with a preference for clean lines in clothing often appreciate the same in their home designs - think modernism, minimalism, contemporary, Scandinavian, or Asian Zen.

Pick colors from your closet

Along with design styles, it is also relatively easy to pick a color pallet from a client’s closet. When a client has a closet full of navy, camel, and black, it might not be wise to suggest a color pallet full of fuschia, lavender, and bright yellow. Those colors might work as accents, but the major colors in the home are most likely going to be neutrals and classic.

Can you see your lifestyle in your closet?

All too often the clothes also represent the lifestyle of the client. This helps designers choose the types of textiles and where they are used. For example, clients who are busy taking care of young children often shy away from fabrics that require dry cleaning or other complicated methods to remove stains. Clients with children usually need different furniture styles than clients who are married, working full-time, and without children. The comfort level of clothing can also determine the comfort of the furniture, too.

Accessories define accessories

Interior decorators also look at the way that their clients accessorize. Those clients who wear the clean lines of J. Crew clothing might add bold scarves or flamboyant jewelry to add a little flare. Subtle additions like this can also affect the way that designers add details like window treatments, lamp shades, rugs, and door knobs. Little details in the closet translate nicely into interior design, too. The accessories might be a second thought for clients who simply try to add a little personality to their appearance each day. That same personality can show through in great interior design, too.

Maybe literal isn’t quite correct

It is important for interior designers not to be too literal with their clients’ styles. In some cases, clothing choices are determined by rules at work or by a look that the client is actually trying to achieve at work only. For example, a client who has to be dressed up in a suit and tie at work might want to be incredibly comfortable at home. Or, consider the client who has to work outside in frigid temperatures. That client might want his home to be filled with coastal touches that reminds him of his time vacationing in warmth by the sea. How do the items in your closet fit with the interior design style that you love the most? Let us know in the comments.


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