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Four Interior Design Rules That You Can Break

  • by Alian Software Collaborator
Four Interior Design Rules That You Can Break
Designing your home’s interior can be pure joy. Especially if you decide to go with what you love instead of following the rules. Of course, you’ll have more fun if you stay within your budget and if you measure before you buy. But, when it comes to fussy design rules, breaking them will certainly cause a smile to break out on your face. Here are four interior design rules that you can break. By breaking these rules, the inside of your home will look like it truly belongs to you.

Never mix patterns

One of the most enjoyable rules to break is the one about mixing patterns. This rule has prevented designers and homeowners from showing off their personalities and characters. Sure, people have mixed patterns on throw pillows, but why limit your pattern mixing to just that? Mix rugs, chairs, lampshades, walls, and whatever else you want. Some of the best patterns to mix include bold ones, like animal prints, stripes, argyles, and florals. If you are worried about mixing too many patterns, start with two that you love. Be sure they are in either the same color family or in complementary color families.

Only use light colors in small spaces

Who says that you must every single small space a light color? You can paint any space in your home any color that you choose. Dark paint can look luxurious and creative. It can also make bright accessories and metallics truly stand out in ways that light colors do not. Even though dark paint colors do not make rooms look spacious and light, dark colors do create depth and drama. Instead of doing what everyone else is doing - painting rooms light shades of gray or various neutral tones - be bold and pick an extraordinary color that makes you love walking into that small space.

Match the chairs in your dining room

This is a rule that has been ignored for years and not just by people who buy chairs that have nothing in common. Dining room chairs that coordinate, but do not necessarily match can add character to your space. Think of it like the bridesmaid trend, where the bridesmaids might wear the same color, but their dresses might be cut in different styles. Your dining room chairs can be totally different, they could have similar metals, or maybe the upholstery is in the same color - but the designs of the chairs are not. If your dining room table is a long rectangle, you could use two different types of chairs and put one style on one side, the other style on the other side. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Only use furniture and accessories from the same time period

This rules should be broken again and again. The idea of only using only antiques or only brand new pieces will make an interior looked forced and dated. Instead, when you mix pieces from different time periods, you add interest, especially when those pieces tell stories about your life and the lives of the people you love. It can be fun to mix pieces from different design eras can also add drama to your home - think mid-century modern with a little bit of vintage or shabby chic with a bit of retro. Mix and match to your heart’s desire, as long as it makes you happy! What is your favorite interior decor rule to break? Let us know in the comments below. Also, take a look at our blog for more tips, ideas, and inspiration!


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