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How to Get the Maximalist Style Right

  • by Alian Software Collaborator
Clean, open spaces with simple wall textures and finishes. Effective use of natural light. Beige, grey, and white color palettes. Empty spaces void of decoration. For years, minimalism has been all the rage in the world of interior design. And while minimalism appeals to some people, many find the style to be cold and uninviting. The maximalist style, on the other hand, offers what minimalism often cannot. Warmth. Opulence. Vibrant colors. Arousing patterns. But it's one thing to attempt maximalism in a home's interior - and it's another thing to make it work. If you're wondering how to get the maximalist style right, here are some examples to inspire you!

SoCal Bachelor Pad

Designers usually use neutral hues when it comes to designing homes for men. Instead, designer Caitlin Murphy worked in colors for this Southern California bachelor pad. Murphy used emerald green for the kitchen cabinets, reminiscent of old cocktail bars. Murphy then embellished the cabinets and the rest of the kitchen with gold hardware. She also worked in emerald and gold bar stools. The black marble counters and backsplash tiles add a neutral and modern-looking touch... without overdoing it. Then there's the office, which sits right next to the kitchen. Not only do the open windows brighten up the entire space. They enhance the office's beige color scheme, offsetting the kitchen's vibrant feel. The furniture throughout this bachelor pad embodies the daring nature of maximalism. Take the royal blue L-shaped couch in the living room, for example. Or, the oval dining room table, which sits to the side of the room along with a banquette.

Colorful Symmetry in Minneapolis

Color is often the mark of distinction between minimalism and maximalism. With this next house, you'll see how to appropriately create a colorful - and balanced - aesthetic. David Anger and Jim Broberg do a magnificent job balancing out yellow, red, and blue in their living room. There's the yellow couch and ottoman countered with a red blanket and a blue pillow. Each of these colors is present in the photos hanging above the couch. But what really makes these already vibrant colors stand out are the creamy beige walls. In true maximalist style, Anger and Broberg incorporate decor pieces and furniture. Green plants, a black leather chair, a hanging light bulb fixture. The couple also reflects more natural light into the room by placing a large mirror next to the open windows. Their linen white kitchen counters and white tiled backsplash would appear minimalist. But you'll see that they also incorporate a yellow island, a copper range hood, and yellow and red utensils.

Creative & Resourceful Brooklyn Digs

New York apartments are world-renowned for being small and claustrophobic. It would make sense to style with minimalism in order to create the illusion of more space. But this next apartment shows that you can make effective use of decorating - even with little space. Dan Pelosi's living room stands out not only for its abundance of plants. He enhances his simple brown leather couch by overlapping three different patterned rugs. He also uses an old chest as his centerpiece table, along with a green armchair and a small step bench. His kitchen also reflects the warm and inviting nature of the maximalist style. He contrasts his wood floors with a white paneled island and a marble tile backsplash. He creates splashes of color with a blue overhead light, blue stools, and a row of rainbow assorted books. But that's not all! He also incorporates more color with plants, bowls of citrus fruits, and a display of tulips. We’re also fans of his dining room, which features a wall covered in paintings and canvases.

Femininity & Family Fun in North Carolina

Stacey Blake's love for pink comes alive in this next example of maximalism. The design blogger seems to incorporate pink in almost every room in her North Carolina home. But we also see lots of green and orange, which Blake credits to her Jamaican heritage. Blake seems to do the best job with making color statements with her walls. She accentuates at least one wall in every room with bold colors or leaf- printed wallpaper. To enhance the leaf theme, she incorporates plants, aqua blues, and wood floors. She even has a chalkboard in her children's playroom, paired with a vibrant orange wall and white trim. Blake features a pink chair next to her fireplace and pastel painted logs - all for a cozy and girly feel. She also fills space with pictures, paintings, hanging plants, and unique light fixtures.

Embody the Maximalist Style

Whereas minimalism is all about being austere and neutral, maximalism is the opposite... Lavishness, liveliness, and balance. And with these examples of maximalism, you'll be able to recreate the style for yourself. Still wondering how to get the maximalist style right? Check out our blog for more tips, ideas, and inspiration!


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