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Build a Perfect Customer Profile to Grow Business with a Working Marketing Plan

  • by Alian Software Collaborator
Build a Perfect Customer Profile to Grow Business with a Working Marketing Plan

How to Design the Perfect Maker Business Customer Profile

Makers and crafters do not go into business so they can spend a bunch of time collecting data on customers. They become makers and crafters because they love making art. To sell products, makers do need to have a profile of the perfect potential customer. This information will help you build a marketing plan. Marketing is an important part of any small business. However, a marketing plan is useless if you do not know who your customers are. You will need to understand the design style of your work and who would pay to have it in their homes. With a good understanding of your brand and your client base, you can create successful marketing plans on social media, online, and locally. For example, if your designs are perfect for cottage-style homes, you could advertise in small towns where people own cottages. If your designs are mid-century modern, you might reach out to real estate agents who list that type of home and need to stage their listings. Before you reach out and begin marketing, the first thing you should do is decide what traits your perfect customer has. This gives you a picture of the buyer that would actually buy your work. This picture will help you design your logo, packaging, photos, and copy. When people buy art, especially for their homes, they are looking for an emotional experience. With a thoughtful customer profile, it can actually be fun to design marketing materials and to craft a plan of action. When creating a customer profile, it is helpful to actually think of your perfect customer as real. Give that person a name, a neighborhood, and a list of favorites. The list can include foods, music, books, clothing style, and all necessary demographic information like age, income, and gender. You can also consider where the perfect customer vacations. Many people actually fill their homes with items collected while traveling. Creating a customer profile does take time, but it saves time in the long run. This profile will save you from advertising in places that your perfect customer would never look. With a strong marketing plan built around an ideal customer profile, your business should grow into something you can be proud of calling your own. Take a look at our blog for more tips, ideas, and inspiration!


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