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How to Build Your Following

  • by Alian Software Collaborator
How to Build Your Following
Social media will help you significantly grow your audience. It allows you to engage and advertise your products. The bigger following you have the more likely your online opportunities will grow. In turn, the more opportunities you have the more your following will grow, it’s a chain reaction. If you want to find out how to build your following keep on reading!

Spread the Word About Your Products Online and Offline

Make sure you are including the links to your business’s social media on your website. If you don’t your customers won’t know where to find you. To spread the word offline you can include your social media information on thank-you notes in your packaging or on your business cards. This way satisfied customers can follow and/or subscribe to your social media accounts. They’ll also be able to tell friends and family about your products and social media.

Post in Broader Context

Adding hashtags to your posts will draw in a bigger audience. Don’t just put random hashtags, make sure they relate to your business and products. For example, Instagram has something an explore tab. The explore tab shows what is most popular now and what relates to you. You can use the explore tab to see what products are popular and what hashtags to use. You can also type any term into the search bar and then click the “tags” option. After you do that Instagram shows you other relevant hashtags along the top. You can use those other relevant tags on your posts to bring in an audience.

Campaign to Create Your Own Hashtag

Use a branded hashtag as soon as possible. Often, customers who bought products to post pictures of that product and use a hashtag with the brand’s name. You should use the hashtag in all of your posts too. This will cause it to be seen and encourage customers to use it. When customers use your hashtag remember to thank them and them if you can repost. This will show them that you appreciate them and motivate them to come back.

Use Comments to Connect

Connecting with comments is super important because it shows your customers that you care. It could be something as simple as saying thank you and that you hope they enjoy the product, answering questions, or complimenting someone. Trust us: talking to your customers can go a really long way. Commenting on your social media shows that there is a human element to your brand. It also helps spread the word about your business.

Bottom Line

Building a following doesn’t have to be hard. It just takes some work and dedication. It’s worth the investment because social media is great for outreach and making your company grow.


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