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How to Market Your Business on Instagram Stories

  • by Alian Software Collaborator
How to Market Your Business on Instagram Stories
With social media increasing getting popular as the years pass it’s a great idea to consider utilizing social media for your business. You can use Instagram Stories and Snapchat to interact and communicate with customers and/or potential customers. Using Instagram Stories is a simple process, all you do is make and post videos and/or pictures for all of your followers to see. The videos will expire after 24 hours. This is a great method to grow your following and show off your business's products. Keep reading how to market your business on Instagram stories to find out more!

Post Exclusive Shop Updates

Posting exclusive updates like sneak peeks of upcoming products, sales and discount codes will cause your followers to regularly check in and share your page with friends and family. Also, since the videos only stay up for 24 hours, they cause a feeling of urgency. Most businesses send out emails for their products, and sometimes those emails will sit unread for long periods of time. With Instagram Storie's customers know that they won’t be able to view the video again so they are more inclined to look at it as soon as they see it. It is recommended you post at least once a day to keep customers interested.

Let Your Customers See the Face of Your Brand

People love to know who they are buying from. They love to see business owners post candid content and be relatable. They love to see behind the scenes, your plans for the day, what you drank for coffee this morning, etc. You can take a video of your workspace to show your followers how your process works, you can also snap a picture of your coffee listing what's in it. This will make you feel more relatable and cause your customers to feel more comfortable and trust you more. If you feel awkward and uncomfortable taking videos and posting pictures, look at it as you’re sharing with a friend. Also, make sure you don’t sound scripted, talk about whatever you want and act natural. This will keep things authentic.

Welcome Collaboration Opportunities

A great way to get the word out about your products and business is collaborating and shouting out other products or business. You can easily do this by using Instagram’s mention function on Stories. On this, you can tag people and companies when needed. Instagram Stories also has a feature where you can go live. You can use live video if you are going to a convention or special event and want to show it off. You can show things like people, products, booths, etc. This will attract new followers. Also, you should consider collaborating with influencers or other businesses and host a social takeover. You can take over your collaborators Instagram and they will take over yours, you can take videos showing off each other products and tell your following to go check them out. The possibilities are endless and doing this will give your brand a good amount of exposure. It’s also a great idea to hype up the collaboration a few days beforehand to get people excited about it.

Bottom Line

Utilizing social media for your company is a great idea. Last year it was estimated 2.46 billion people use social media, that’s a lot of people. Using social media is a fun and simple way to give your company some exposure and during that time you can also engage with your customers. It’s a win-win situation. Need help marketing your business? Check out our Pro Plan to learn more about how we can help.


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