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Black Walnut Office Furniture

Our stylish black walnut office furniture will bring a warm natural feel to any area of your home, especially your office! Our office furniture is great for offices with limited space. If you find you no longer want to use your piece as a desk you can use it in narrow spaces like entryways and hallways and behind sofas decorated with pieces of decor. They can act as bars and vanities as well. 

High-Quality Handmade Office Furniture Made by Our Expert Staff

Artisan Born’s Quality is the highest priority from the very beginning. We hand select the very best logs, slabs, and materials, always checking the quality at each step of manufacturing to ensure you have the very best kiln-dried and surfaced wood you can find. Our processes ensure the beauty of the wood is preserved without losing color and contrast and providing the finest material you can buy. All of our tables are handcrafted in the heart of the Ozarks with superior quality materials. Knotholes, voids, and cracks are filled with clear epoxy to bring out the natural beauty of the piece.

Live Edge Office Furniture and Straight Edge Office Furniture

We offer pieces in both live edge and straight edge. You may be asking, “what’s the difference?” Live edge furniture consists of the sides having the contour of the living tree. These pieces don’t have straight/edges. Straight edge slabs do not have the contours of the tree, they have completely smooth, flat sides. Live edge is a popular choice because it shows off the natural beauty of the wood. 

A Collection of Narrow Office Furniture You'll Love

You can pick from these three pieces in our collection, Solid Walnut Narrow Computer Desk, Solid Black Walnut Narrow Office Desk, and Live Edge Walnut Narrow Desk. With all of our desks, you can choose between two leg styles, hairpin, and u-shaped. If you would like a more rustic modern look then hairpin legs are the best choice. If you want a more modern industrial look then u-shaped legs are the way to go. Legs are detached for shipping, they will need to be reassembled by the customer upon arrival. All you need is a Phillips screwdriver, holes for the legs are pre-drilled to make assembly a breeze. Just like the legs, all of our tables have height customization. You can choose between 30” tall and 36” tall. 30” tall is a great option for someone who is looking for versatility. We recommend 36” tall to anyone looking to use their piece mainly as a desk or workstation. Every piece is unique and will vary slightly in character.

Artisan Born is a family-owned, American-made producer of solid wood slab furniture, countertops, and furniture located in the heart of the Ozarks. We not only offer the world’s finest black walnut slabs, mantles, and countertops we also back everything with the best customer service in the industry. Our expert staff is ready to help ensure you and your customers are 100% satisfied with their Artisan Born experience.

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